“The School of New Possibilities” – Modern approaches to teaching and educating of pupils with special educational needs in the Educational and Rehabilitation centre in Velykyi Lyubin.

The aim of the project is to provide  children having special educational needs with the possibility to exercise their right to receive comprehensive secondary education. The children having special educational problems connected with the disorders in physical, intellectual and psychic development will be involved into the specially organised educational process and receive corrective and developmental treatment in Educational and Rehabilitation Center in Velykyi Lyubin. 50 children with special educational needs study in this center. 68 people work in the center, 30 of them are teachers.
The task of the project:
1. Involving the children with special physical needs in the activities connected with artistic creativity.
 2. Physical rehabilitation for the recovery of movements. There already exists a dancing group which was formed and began working with the assistance of SI/E Region 2, Denmark. In addition, 12 children received treatment in a   balneological resort owing to the assistance of the SI/GBI Club of Epsom.
 3. Social and cultural development of the children.
 4. Improvement of the professional level of the teachers working with the children having special educational needs in the conditions of the educational and rehabilitation center.
Two seminars for 58 teachers from 8 boarding schools were conducted within the frame of the project.  Leading specialists working with children with special educational needs participated in the seminars.
 The club will purchase the equipment for a therapeutic physical training room. Our club arranges  different excursions,  visits to the circus,  puppet and other theatres. The club supplies the creative groups with the necessary staff for the creative activities: threads and beads for embroidering, staff for quilling, fabric for cutting and sewing. It also purchases the clothes and shoes for the members of the dancing group.  

The money was sponsored by the SI/E clubs of Region 2 Denmark, club of Epsom & District, England, Fonds Soroptimist, Luxembourg, club of Lviv, Ukraine