“A Healthy Child” – Opening of the Children Vaccination Department in the Rural Outpatient Clinic of Verkhnya Bilka, Lviv Region


The aim of the Project is to open a vaccination department with a separate entrance in the rural outpatient clinic with a view to organizing regular immunizations and systematic preventive examinations of children.

The outpatient clinic of family medicine provides treatment for 3,500 adults and 600 children.

Due to the temporary suspension of immunizations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO and UNICEF emphasize that a large number of children missed routine immunizations. Experts believe that low vaccination coverage threatens with outbreaks of other infectious diseases.

In the context of COVID-19, it was necessary to minimize or completely eliminate human contact in the outpatient department and to separate patient flows. For this purpose, different entrances were made in the outpatient clinic building for sick patients and for healthy children. In view of the economic crisis and insufficient funding for medical facilities, the club decided to help equip the immunization department for children in the outpatient clinic.

The department consists of 3 rooms: a room for periodic medical examinations, a vaccination room and a waiting room. The premises were renovated at the expense of the outpatient clinic.

The club took full responsibility for the equipment of the department. Medical equipment (manipulation tables, medicines cabinet, needle destructor, refrigerator, examination couch), furniture for the medical examination room (a working table, a filing cabinet, a baby changing table, an examination couch, a stadiometer, chairs) and furniture for the waiting room were purchased.

The club considers the project a success, since modern safe conditions have been created for the vaccination of children, as well as proper conditions for medical personnel, consisting mostly of women. The project was sponsored by the SI/E clubs of Luxembourg-Doyen, SI/E Clubs of Region 2 Denmark, SI/E Club Kreuzlingen Switzerland, the General Practice Outpatient Clinic of Family Medicine in the Village of Verkhnya Bilka