“Way to Future Profession” – Equipping the classroom for teaching cooking to girls in school N.45, Lviv


More than 600 girls study in this school. Vocational training of the girls is aimed at acquiring a profession, applying the acquired skills in everyday life, design training. The school has a base for vocational training but it is out of date and badly needs modern equipment.The aim of the project is to improve the conditions of studying of the teenage girls of 12-17 who study in the 5th -11th grades. The teachers, whose working conditions will be improved, will benefit from it, too.The premises for domestic science and household arts consist of the classroom for teaching cooking and the classroom for teaching sewing, design, Ukrainian traditional arts. They are old, out-of-date, and shabby.The idea was to renovate everything gradually with the joint efforts of different people.At the moment a part of the project is fulfilled: the equipment of the classroom for teaching girls cooking is successfully over. The premises were repaired, the new furniture, an oven, a microwave oven, an electric cooker, an electric kettle and other kitchen utensils were bought. Now the girls enjoy their cooking classes greatly.The money was sponsored by the clubs of Region 2 Denmark, club of Lviv, Ukraine, school No. 45.Now it is the turn of the classroom for sewing and design, the club is fundraising money for its renovation. See the link “Prospective Projects”.