“Healthy Women – Healthy Nation” – Complete renovation of 6 wards in Lviv Perinatal Center

2008-1The main aim of the center is to provide for reproductive health of women, and give specialized medical help during pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period for women in Lviv Region. It was a joint project which involved the clubs from Luxembourg, Denmark and Ukraine. The SI/E Club of Lviv together with two SI/E Clubs from the Union of Luxembourg: Club Luxembourg-Doyen and Club Luxembourg-Moselle began a project in the “Lviv State Perinatal Center” in Gynecological Department No. 1.The premises of the department were not  repaired since the day the center was built in 1986, the piping was rotten, the wards and the sanitary rooms needed capital repairing. In 2009 the capital repairing of two wards and a sanitary room which were in the worst condition was done. In 2010 the SI/E Club of Ringkobing (Denmark) and the SI/E Club Luxembourg-Melusina joined the project and three more wards were repaired. And one more ward was completely renovated on the money fundraised by the Danish Soroptimist from the SI/E Club of Ringkobing – Birgit Tønnesen. She, herself, collected about 7,000 Euro. She drew water-colours and sold them showing the people the project presentation and explaining where the money would go. She was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Lviv Administration Health Department.

All in all the capital repairing of six wards and a sanitary room was carried out. All the piping, tiling, sanitary equipment, electrical wiring,   floors, windows were changed.